🥳 Announcing our partnership with Sanlo

Today we're excited to announce our partnership with Sanlo! 🏦

Developers on Layer can now tap into Sanlo's $200M pool of capital to finance the cost of licensing IP through Layer.

We know that licensing IP can take your games from good to great - however, getting access to the perfect IP partner can be out of reach when you're not working with a large publisher or are investing your funds into other aspects of growth. We want to change this and that's why we are so excited to be partnering with Sanlo.


So Why Sanlo & How Does It Work?

We believe Sanlo represents a developer-centric alternative to venture capital, publisher deals and bank loans.
Sanlo offers non-dilutive, revenue-based and fixed-term financing based on app and revenue data - and you'll also get access to Sanlo's financial tools and insights too!

If you're a Layer user, you'll find the 'Explore Financing' button visible on any of your IP matches. From here you'll be taken to Sanlo's dedicated page to better understand your game and take you through Sanlo's flow of getting easy access to finance on fair terms to help you license your dream IP.

The Benefits of IP

Adding the right IP to a game has been proven to boost in-game economies, help retain valuable players, lower acquisition costs and deliver higher revenues. However, acquiring IP such as brands, characters and stories is commonly only utilised by the largest game publishers due to the opaque way in which licensing deals have traditionally been done. That’s why we believe that in partnering with Sanlo, Layer can help more small and medium-sized developers bring well-known IP into their projects.

Layer’s CEO and Founder, Rachit Moti says “IP has become a big part of the business of making games by tapping into existing audiences and fanbases. Our partnership with Sanlo is a great step forward for Layer and means we’ll be able to help even more developers collaborate with popular brands and characters”.

“With our aims and ethos intertwined, Layer and Sanlo want to expand the opportunities available to a global community of developers“, adds Olya Caliujnaia, CEO and Co-founder of Sanlo. “We are thrilled to join Layer in this endeavor and together we hope to provide financing and IP for the next generation of fun, world-beating games.”

Want Access?

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