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The marketplace for IP licensing
Built for games and interactive entertainment

Connecting games with the world’s leading entertainment,
sport, automotive, and consumer brands.
Identify properties that fit your budget and audience
Understand and meet IP rights holders’ requirements
Game-friendly proposal and licensing tools, free for gaming companies

From individual characters and celebrities to movie franchises and entertainment properties with loyal followings. Layer provides you access to rich worlds for your game to tap into.

Sports, fashion, luxury and automotive brands connect deeply with large global audiences. Using a recognizable brand in a game creates a rallying cry for fans and imparts authenticity and enriches gameplay.

How top games succeed with licensed IP

Boost in-game economies

Create monetizable items, content and experiences by leveraging the real-world value of IP. Strong emotional attachment to brands, characters and stories helps turn players into spenders.

Lower user acquisition costs

30% of the top 100 grossing games on mobile utilize external IP. Secure an advantage for your games by targeting existing fans as part of your user acquisition. Get the additional benefits of organic traffic, word of mouth, and press.

Retain valuable players

Use licensed IP to complement the content strategy driving player retention. Operationalize the way you secure premium content for your live services with Layer’s dedicated platform for securing licenses.

Create highly engaging content

Use licensed IP to create compelling new content. From narrative content, characters, and game modes to live events and appearances, the right property can deepen the relationship players have with your game.

Layer brings you characters, stories, brands and more.
Our tools make securing the rights easy.

Detailed IP Listings. A focus on fit.

Identify properties that fit your goals, budget and audience.

IP listings on Layer provide you with everything you need to understand and evaluate a potential partner including audience, creative and commercial requirements.

From skins and playable environments to branded NFTs, Layer helps you find partners that are an ideal fit creatively and can accelerate your commercial objectives.

Everything you need to close the deal fast.

Understand and meet rights holder requirements.

Once you’ve found the right property, preparing a proposal to secure the rights is easy.

Support at every stage.

An experienced team of gaming and licensing experts.

We’ll help step you through the licensing process from start to signed deal. Our team of gaming and licensing experts cover all time zones.

What our customers say

“Layer showed me which brands would be a good fit for our game and made it easy to secure the rights in just a few days”
Garth Midgley - CEO, GOATi Entertainment

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