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The Definitive Guide for Licensing IP into Games

Learn how to navigate the complexities of IP licensing in games to bring your brand to the forefront of the fastest growing entertainment industry.

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Learn how to navigate the complexities of IP licensing in games to bring your brand to the forefront of the fastest growing entertainment industry.

Featuring Industry Experts

Russell Binder
Founding Partner at Striker Entertainment
“The proactive engagement in gameplay around an IP can be much more significant and enduring for the end user than the passive and short-term experience of watching a movie, television series, or other media experience. Gaming plays a significant role in the ongoing maintenance of an IP.”
Russell Brown
President of Consumer Products at Valiant Entertainment
“I remember two kids skateboarding down the block in front of my house, talking about this really cool character, Spider-Man, from the PlayStation One game. They were too young to see the original animated series, but they came to know that character through gaming. Not every comic book reader is going to buy a game, but gaming is such a huge market that if done right, it can bring more people into a franchise.”
Greg Boyd
American author, attorney, and professor specializing in intellectual property and video games
“If you have a game that's played by young men, you better be a young man brand. If you have a game that's played by teenagers, you better be a teenager brand. Don't just go for the new and shiny thing that comes to you. Make sure the demographics line up. That's the most important thing”
Juan Felipe Campos
Partnerships at Upland
“A killer feature of licensed NFTs is that licensors can choose to get paid a royalty on all secondary market transactions, meaning that if an NFT goes up in value and gets sold among fans 5 years from now, there can still be a royalty percentage that can go back to the licensor. This is a really exciting innovation in the world of IP and licensing.”
Tianyi Gu
Analyst at Newzoo
“Mobile players who spend a minimum of $5 a month on mobile games are around three times more likely to download a game that is based on their favourite IP. So, IP-based mobile games are more likely to attract big spenders, who will download these games and make in-app purchases through the game”

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